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VMWare Workstation for Linux and Windows guests have poor sound

So I run Fedora 23 at home and one of my VMs was running Windows 10, but the sound was awful.  The sound would have a horrible echo and “scratchy” sound, sometimes after it would play for a bit, it would “fix itself”.  I tried the following:

  • Different drivers in the .vmx file including sb16 (didn’t work at all)
  • Tried Windows 7 to see if it was a Windows 10 issue (nope the issue happened with any version of Windows)
  • Issue didn’t happen with virtual Linux guests
  • Fresh Windows 7, then 10 install (still had the issue by default
  • Tried the fix from VMWare for audio with the speaker output (didn’t fix it, in fact, 24bit made it worse)

Long story short, I finally found this thread that worked for me.  It just installed a legacy adapter in Windows 10 and it worked perfect!!  As long as I was in the .vmx, I installed the VMXNET3 driver by changing the network adapter from “E1000” to “vmxnet3” for better performance!