Migration Zimbra Network edition RHEL to CentOS on AWS

So following this guide from the folks at Zimbra, it has most of what you need to migrate, I’m going to add some extra steps that I found to be helpful during the migration as it was botched in testing a couple times.  Migrating to AWS adds a few surprises to the migration

  • Absolutely obsess about getting your hostname, hosts files, and anything to do with DNS.  If you reboot, the AWS cloud config will nuke your settings, so make sure when you make your changes, which are normally simple changes for a Linux Admin, reboot and verify.
    • Before you make your changes to the settings above, go into /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg and comment, using # , the cloud init modules called:
      • set_hostname
      • update_hostname
  • The steps on copying the SSL certificates are a little rough, I went ahead and rsynced the /opt/zimbra/ssl folder right on over.  I had all sorts of issues with the server.key not matching and it was much easier to do this and let Zimbra fix the perms with the utility at the end.

Otherwise, make sure your elastic IP from amazon isn’t on a blacklist already with Spamhaus.   I’m a fan of mxtoolbox to check the blacklists for.  Finally, don’t forget your RevDNS setup for your static IP, you can just click here and submit your information to Amazon.  This is also the same spot to ask to get off of Spamhaus, if your IP is on a list, expect up to a week to get it resolved, though.