Fedora and Vivaldi with Flash and ffmpeg support

So if you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly suggest giving Vivaldi a try.  It combines the base code of Chromium without the Chrome features you may not want with an interesting user interface.  To me, this is the best setup:

  • Chrome/Chromium underpinnings, so you don’t have website compatibility issues (Think Opera, a good browser, but odd support for online banking and other strict websites.  Yes, I know you can spoof the user agent, but the fact you have to do that doesn’t help non-power users, IMO.)
  • The user interface is fun, some of my favorites:
    • Mouse Gestures
    • Adaptive user interface
    • Notes

For Fedora users, the Vivald RPM from their website does install easy enough, but you can’t play Vines, Twitter Video, etc. because you don’t have functional ffmpeg support nor Flash if you use SiriusXM or other Flash only websites.  So, here’s a quick fix for you:

The Long Way

For Vine/Twitter Video support, the Vivaldi RPM comes with a located in /opt/vivaldi/lib , but it doesn’t run have support for h264/mp4 due to licensing restrictions.  What I did next was fire up a VM with Linux Mint and built chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra .  From there, I took and copied it to my Fedora install at /opt/vivaldi/lib after backing up the stock .  Double check that your standard user can read the plugin by:

# chmod 644

For Flash Player, I had Chrome installed on the Linux Mint VM, so I just copied the directory /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash to my Fedora machine and:

# chmod -R 644 /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash

Then I restarted Vivaldi and had up-to-date Flash and working H.264/MP4 support.  Because I had the VM, it literally took me minutes to build, copy, and run these updates. Still, I’d love a repo from RPMFusion or someone that is really trustworthy, but that won’t happen with h.264/MP4 it appears.

The Easy Way

You are welcomed to use my plugin I built for and Flash, I realize not everyone is as paranoid as I am or just want to run it for testing purposes in a VM, etc.  I do not believe I’m violating any distribution rights from Adobe for the Flash Player since it is the Pepper plugin as opposed to Linux 11.2 version.  I’m sure Adobe will let me know otherwise…  Save to /opt/vivaldi/lib and to /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash, enjoy!   built on August 12th 2016
SHA1: d6514e2c0a16318d1feaf162ff6e6e035e36972c     version
SHA1: 727799f1aba7a98052ec855a81c2b797c6f0025b