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Zimbra Open Source Backup to Amazon Glacier

Working with a client the other day, they setup a Zimbra Open Source server for their team and for hosting other domains. With Zimbra Open Source, there is no formal way to backup mailboxes like their very nice Network Edition offers or through Zimbra Modules.  The script found on my GitHub site will provide you a

Directadmin AWS setup

So Amazon requires their EC2 machines to use private IPs, regardless if you have an elastic IP.  The guys at Directadmin have a nice guide to help you setup, but making it work on CentOS requires a little help that I found on the amazon forums, but in case it goes away   $ cat

Migration Zimbra Network edition RHEL to CentOS on AWS

So following this guide from the folks at Zimbra, it has most of what you need to migrate, I’m going to add some extra steps that I found to be helpful during the migration as it was botched in testing a couple times.  Migrating to AWS adds a few surprises to the migration Absolutely obsess