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Raspberry PI 4, Debian 12 Bookworm, and Unifi 8.x

I enjoy using Raspberry PI devices as nice little Unifi servers along with my Homebridge setup. They aren’t busy 99% of the time unless you are managing it or have firmware updates running to devices. That said, with UniFi depending on MongoDB, we’ve got problems now… Until Unifi decides for other reasons to move off

Using Let’s Encrypt and Interworx

So I thought I was a hotshot borrowing a script from another blog for another issue with our Interworx cluster.  Now, we’re unique for the company that I consult for, they use: Interworx with multiple nodes AWS Cloudflare Load balancers not part of Interworx It’s quite the slick setup… Cloudflare perks, load balancing, and great

Fedora and Vivaldi with Flash and ffmpeg support

So if you haven’t tried it yet, I strongly suggest giving Vivaldi a try.  It combines the base code of Chromium without the Chrome features you may not want with an interesting user interface.  To me, this is the best setup: Chrome/Chromium underpinnings, so you don’t have website compatibility issues (Think Opera, a good browser, but

VMWare Workstation for Linux and Windows guests have poor sound

So I run Fedora 23 at home and one of my VMs was running Windows 10, but the sound was awful.  The sound would have a horrible echo and “scratchy” sound, sometimes after it would play for a bit, it would “fix itself”.  I tried the following: Different drivers in the .vmx file including sb16

Watchguard SSL-VPN for Linux

Borrowing a lot from this site, I wanted to update the process on using Mobile VPN with SSL Watchguard. Here’s what you need to do: Do not download from the sslvpn.html page of your VPN appliance, it won’t have all the steps for the Linux side of the house. Do download the CRT, PEM, and

How to clone a Linux Physical server or workstation to Hyper-V

So at one particular company, they use Hyper-V (on 2012 R1) to drive their virtualization platform. I used to have problems with Hyper-V since it had poor Linux and BSD support, but that is coming along now.  Major Linux distros are embraced by Microsoft and the Linux Kernel has support, but the tools to convert